It’s definitely a battle of Gizelle Bryant vs. Everybody on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Katie Rost made it clear that she isn’t a fan of Bryant and is pretty confident that the feeling is mutual.

“Gizelle always has a nasty undertone to what she says,” Rost told Bravo this week. "I couldn’t honestly care less about anything that comes out of her mouth. She isn’t someone who stimulates me with provocative banter, it just strikes me as silly. She is very pretty to look at and she makes me laugh on occasion, other than that we have nothing to connect over.”

As for Karen Huger, who has had her own issues with Bryant in previous episodes, only for them to make up and fall out again, Huger had a few words for her too.

She also spoke with Bravo and responded to Bryant saying that she would have an issue if she also had to sleep in a twin bed.

“Now she wants to speak for me. It’s no surprise that her OPINION about how I would respond if I had been assigned a twin bed is just that, her opinion.”

She went on to say that Bryant “was acting like a child whose candy just got stolen and made a poor attempt to throw shade my way.”

Ashley Darby also had a few things to say about Bryant being upset about getting a twin bed when they were at Darby’s vacation home.

“So what a few friends had to share a room, did I ask them to share a BED? Gizelle should've just been glad she had a place to lay her big head—that thing barely fits through the door.”

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