'Hannibal' Season 3: Francis Dolarhyde Spreads His Wings, Literally; Richard Armitage Previews Red Dragon Transformation

Hannibal's Francis Dolarhyde is ready to personify the Red Dragon in a whole news way.

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The killer has done his level best to quell his murderous side, but William Blake's painting will continue to control him from the inside out. In anticipation of Dolarhyde's (Richard Armitage) intense "Beast from the Sea" transformation, Armitage took viewers behind the process.

"In Bryan [Fuller's] creation we do see Dolarhyde transform into the dragon," Armitage said, explaining how Hannibal will explore the voices inside his character's head. "We experimented with a dragon suit and there will be some digital work put on it, but it's very symbolic of Blake painting...It starts with the painting on his back that he has tattooed in full on his back which starts to move. In a way it's like he's shedding his own skin and he literally does transform into something else."

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Fans can get a brief look at Dolarhyde's new wings in the video below. Click here to see photos of the actor in his dragon suit.

Hannibal airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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