Adam Lind News: 'Teen Mom 2' Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Halbur Goes On Twitter Rant Against Fans [VIDEO]

Taylor Halbur faced backlash after settling her custody dispute with Adam Lind out of court on last night's Teen Mom 2.

Taylor Halbur Denies Withholding Paislee From Adam Lind

After hearing what many critical fans of the MTV reality series had to say, Halbur, who shared a young daughter with Lind, posted an elaborate rant on social media.

“People can seriously be so ignorant," Halbur began on Twitter this morning. "First off I’ve been in a very happy relationship for over a year. So that excludes everyone’s remarks about settling out of court to get Adam back. Secondly, what gives any of you the right to call me shady, a b***h or saying I double-crossed anyone? Were you in my shoes? Do you know how things are when the cameras aren’t present? No."

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"The best decision that could be made for Paislee could only be made by us, her parents, NOT you," Halbur continued. "Why spend thousands of dollars going to court when we could com up with a joint decision we both agreed on and get it signed by a judge. He is her father whether yawl like it or not (which really doesn’t matter if you do or not, since yawl have no influence in our lives), so what gives you the right to judge us, when I’m sure people have thought your actions and decisions weren’t correct. Just because you see us on tv for a few seconds gives you the right to bash on us and our decisions? GET OVER YOURSELVES."

Teen Mom 2 season six airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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