Havenites will long for the day when a destroyed lighthouse was their biggest worry when Haven returns to Syfy this October.

'Haven' Season 5 Premiere Date Revealed, Part 2 Moves Away From Fridays

Duke's (Eric Balfour) trouble bomb will be the catalyst for season 5B's deadly adventures, and the fallout from his unintended disaster will leave the tiny Maine town looking less like a quaint fishing village and more like a supernatural battlefield.

"The tsunami of troubles brought by Duke has Haven-ites locked down for their own safety," showrunner Matt McGuinness told TV Line. "The town is a war-zone, with troubles shutting off entire neighborhoods."

'Haven' Season 5: How Will Duke Handle The Trouble Bomb Fallout? Try 'Selfish, Noble, Clever & Brave'

It is unknown where Duke will be as the season kicks off, but many fans will be happy to hear that Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey (Emily Rose) will be ready to weather the storm together. Now that Audrey has rid the town of Mara, perhaps the pair will have a chance to, umm, make pancakes?

"Fortunately, Audrey and Nathan are locked down together, which is nice for them," McGuinness teased. "Even in this maelstrom, they work seamlessly to protect they town they love. But, as the season progresses, they must take some dangerous solo missions - especially hard as they seem to have grown closer than ever...."

Dive back into Haven on Oct. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.