Hawaii Five-0's Danny Williams will continue his sporadic absences through season 6.

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Five-0's detective has a bad habit of mysteriously disappearing for weeks at a time. For those who have pondered Danno's (Scott Caan) frequent absences, the actor has finally revealed the reason behind his characters seemingly random breaks.

"I do five episodes less than [series star] Alex [O'Loughlin]," Caan said, according to Post-Gazzette. "I just do a couple episodes less so I can come home [to Los Angeles] to see my family and stuff. They were cool about it so we just all came to that."

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Don't worry - there will still be plenty of Danno to go around. With 25 episodes planed for season 6, Detective Williams will certainly have time to make his mark.

Hawaii Five-0 will open its fall run with "Mai ho'oni I ka wai lana málie." Set to begin just hours after McGarrett's team averted a nuclear disaster, the premiere will follow the intrepid investigators as they track an art thief intent on unearthing pirate treasure. Kono (Grace Park) and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), meanwhile, will have a hellish honeymoon once Gabriel comes to call.

Hawaii Five-0 will return to CBS on Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. ET,