Hawaii Five-0 is home to the summer hiatus' biggest will-they/won't-they cliffhanger.

'Hawaii Five-0' Season 6: Aunt Deb To Return? EP Dishes On Carol Burnett's Character

Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth) came back to paradise after a yearlong mission in Afghanistan, but the former Navy Lieutenant failed to elaborate on her future plans. Now Hawaii Five-0 fans are left wondering - will Cath stick around to reignite the McRollins romance, or will she break McGarrett's (Alec O'Loughlin) heart once more?

Well, we can now tell you that the Five-0 team will still have her on their minds following the season 6 premiere.

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"I know she's at least name-dropped in the second episode, so I'd say at least two episodes, but hopefully more," Entertainment Weekly reported on Friday as fans attempted to nail down a Rollins timeline.

Showrunner Peter Lenkov, however, has stated that the McRollins relationship will stay in play through at least episode 3.

"The first few episodes [of Season 6] include a McGarrett/Catherine arc that will answer this," Lenkov told TV Guide. "I can promise you that by Episode 3, there will be a surprise turn in their relationship."

That doesn't necessarily mean that Borth will feature in all those episodes. Danny (Scott Caan) and McGarrett have had several expositional conversations about the latter's love life that made it to screen without ever including an actual appearance from Rollins.

Viewers can find out more when Hawaii Five-0 returns to CBS on Sept. 25.