This Saturday a new episode of Evelyn Lozada's reality series on OWN will air and it will be quite emotional as she reunites with Iyanla Vanzant.

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Lozada has gone through a lot of hardships especially in regard to her previous relationship with Chad Johnson.

In the last episode of Livin' Lozada, she decided to part ways with her wedding dress, which was from when she married Johnson.

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Now Lozada will meet up with Vanzant since Vanzant was there for her when she went through her struggles when it came to the end of her short marriage to Johnson.

Lozada appeared on Vanzant's series Iyanla: Fix My Life as she was dealing with her mess of a life. Since Vanzant is a life coach and relationship expert, she was able to help Lozada get over the struggles she was experiencing.

In the sneak peek clip below, it looks as though Vanzant arrives at Lozada's home in California for their reunion. Lozada looks thrilled to see her as she opens her front door to let her in. They embrace in a warm hug.

Then, moments later a clip of the two talking appears, in which, Vanzant recalls how at first when they met Lozada was not willing to admit Johnson did wrong by her.

In the confessional setup, Lozada breaks down in tears, as she states, "So many women are not as lucky as I am."

It seems like more information will be revealed about Lozada's past relationship with Johnson since Vanzant tells her, "Tell me what you should have told me before that you didn't."

Vanzant will also talk to Lozada's daughter Shaniece Hairston and it looks like it will be about her own relationship.

Livin' Lozada airs on OWN at 9 p.m. ET on Saturdays.