Get ready for a blast to the past on The Originals.

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Last Friday, Entertainment Weekly shared some details with producer Julie Plec who revealed there will be answers on the original vampires from the old days. Those creatures were living in a time when society was a lot different for them.

"We have a whole series of flashbacks over the first chapter that tell the story of the Originals' first year as vampires before the word 'vampire' had even been assigned to them, and them learning what they were capable of, where they could fit in, how they could adopt the manners of a rich and cultured family even though they were tattered Vikings on the run," Plec said.

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A certain group was then mentioned who will have good reason to be against the family.

"Within those flashbacks, we see the origin story of each of The Trinity, and we understand why The Trinity themselves might have reason to be a little pissed off at our hero family," the producer said.

Plec also recently told The Hollywood Reporter that a new character named Detective Kinney might stir himself into some trouble after discovering there might be more to this planet than humans.

"He's working closely with some of our characters," the producer said about Kinney. "The question is, how much does he know or not know about what's going on in the supernatural world? And what's going to happen to him as a result of digging too deep?"

The Originals Season 3 premieres on Thursday, October 8 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.