The Enstar Rundown may have been MIA the last couple days -- thanks to exhaustion and malaise brought on by covering the VMAs, but it's back better than ever!

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With announcement that Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland would vote in its favor, Obama now has enough votes in the Senate to cement the Iran nuclear deal.

If you haven't heard, the online video file format Flash is on the way out. Thankfully Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and other big names in tech are joining together to create a universal royalty-free video format...which is kind of a big deal.

According to a recent report, María Gabriela Chávez, the daughter of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, is the richest person in the South American country with a whooping estimated net worth of $4.2 million.

A new survey of American university students finds that American college students are more likely to smoke marijuana everyday than tobacco.

Read This: The New York Times has a feature profiling Stephen Colbert and following him around as he prepares to take over as host of The Late Show.

The Huffington Post recently conducted a survey and found that voters who identified as Republican were more likely to agree with President Obama's ideas and policies if they're told they are actually Donald Trump's ideas.

Listen to This: Patrick Stewart, the man beloved by nerds everywhere for his portrayal of Captain Piccard on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Professor X in the X-Men movies, stopped by the Nerdest podcast to talk about his new show Blunt Talk and what it was like to mess with people back in the day on the Enterprise set.

Sony may have green-lighted its film Concussion, in which Will Smith plays real life Doctor Bennet Omalu, who fought to raise awareness of the catastrophic degenerative brain disorder in football players caused by head trauma associated with the sport, in order to not cross the all-powerful NFL. Although, if you've seen the film's trailer, which dropped on Monday, than you know the league doesn't come looking that great.

It looks like in the near future, if you're denied a loan it may be because of who you are friends with on Facebook.

Watch This: T-Pain (yes, that T-Pain) singing the National Anthem at a Dodgers baseball game...and without auto-tune!!