The last season of Downton Abbey is going to be extra thrilling.

'Downton Abbey' Creator Says He'll Be 'Sorry' To See Everyone Go

On Thursday, Evening Standard posted details from Michelle Dockery's interview with Harper's Bazaar as she dished on what's about to go down with her character Lady Mary. Whatever happens to her, it's going to be different from the previous years.

"How Mary is and what happens is quite shocking," the actress said. "There are always twists and turns in the plot- there are every year- but this year particularly, there's a bit of a U-turn that happens with Mary, and it's amazing."

'Downton Abbey' Creator Reveals What He'll Miss The Most When Series Ends

Dockery also pointed out how series creator Julian Fellowes always finds a way to make things incredible just when one thinks he's out of ideas.

"It is another kind of challenge and another really interesting series for me," Dockery said. "Just when you think Julian has exhausted the possibilities of a character, he manages to throw in something else that pulls the rug from under you."

"On a show like this, when you're playing a character- the same character- all the time, you want to still feel like you're being challenged," the actress added.

Dockery's next gig will be on stage in Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

"It's a period drama- but wanting to take it on has nothing to do with that," she said of her role. "I'm in love with the story and the character. I've always had in mind that I would finish Downton and go on to a play because I want to go back to where I started."

Downton Abbey Season 6 premieres in the United States on Sunday, January 3.