Watch out, Nathan Wuornos, Haven is ready to pass judgment on your life.

'Haven' Season 5 Part 2: New PHOTOS For Midseason Premiere, Get The Scoop On Duke's Trouble Bomb

The Syfy series will return for its final run this fall, and fans can now let their imaginations runs wild with three tantalizing new titles. Unfortunately for Haven's former police chief, one of these episodes may put him on the spot. Check out the new titles below, courtesy of Spoiler TV.

Episode 16 - "The Trial of Nathan Wuornos"

Episode 17 - "Enter Sandman"

Episode 18 - "Wild Card"

'Haven' Cancelled: Syfy Give Series the Ax, Will Finale Satisfy?

Will Nathan (Lucas Bryant) really be on trial? Probably not in the traditional sense. Between Duke's (Eric Balfour) trouble bomb and the Guards penchant for vigilante justice, Haven's courtroom will undoubtedly lay forgotten - Lady Justice will hopefully be no more than fading paint chips.

Even if it is not Justice her self, a Trouble could be ready to dole out judgment in the season's second episode. Someone could bring Nathan's sins to the fore à la Supernatural's "Defending Your Life."

Picking up in the wake of Mara's exit and Duke's Trouble bomb explosion, Haven will open season 5B with "Brave New World."

Catch up with Nathan, Audrey (Emily Rose), and Duke starting on Oct. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.