James Bond Movie News, HIV Vaccine Success, Serpico Does Politics & More On Today's Enstars Rundown

Welcome back from the three-day weekend! To get your quarto work day week off to a good start, we've compiled a list of everything you should know that's going on in the world of pop culture and general news. It's the Enstars Rundown!

Have at it!

It's official: British crooner Sam Smith will be the voice singing the theme song for Spectre, the new Bond movie.

Even though the Obama administration as enough votes to push the Iran deal through, by garnering enough support in the Senate to sustain a presidential veto of any congressional resolution disapproving of the deal, Congress is still going through the motions of debating the deal and passing such resolution this week.

Speaking of Obama, while you were lounging at the beach and/or relaxing at a backyard barbeque this Labor Day weekend, the president celebrated the public holiday honoring America's labor movement by signing an executive order requiring all federal contractors to provide workers with up to seven days of paid sick leave every year.

Listen to This: Spin Magazine founder Bob Guccione, Jr. stopped by WTF host Marc Maron's garage to talk about the creation of the iconic music magazine (which is celebrating its 30th birthday), his infamous father (Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione, Sr.), and the current state of publishing/journalism today. Hear what he had to say.

A newly released study shows that Truvada, an experimental drug for preventing HIV, was 100 percent effective. So every person in the study, all whom were at high risk for catching the disease which causes AIDS, that took the daily pill did not contract it...which is a HUGE deal.

Frank Serpico, the former New York City cop who became a household name when he exposed massive corruption in the NYPD during the 1970s (as was the subject of a bestselling book and movie, both titled with just his last name) is entering politics.

Pope Francis is visiting America later this month and Time Warner Cable is launching an exclusive 24-hour cable channel to cover it.

You may have missed it, but Guatemala's president was just forced from office last week due to public protests over corruption. Many observers had thought that most voters would stay home or submit blank ballots in the emergency election; instead, an estimated 70 percent of the public voted and one of the leading candidates, earning about a quarter of all votes, was Jimmy Morales, a nationally famous TV comedian whose campaign slogan was "Not corrupt, not a thief."

The people of Nepal are reeling from the murder of a young American woman by one of its citizens. Dahlia Yehia had traveled to the country to volunteer in the wake of the deadly earthquake that killed thousands in April, but was beaten to death by the man with whom she had arranged to stay. One of Nepal's main industries it tourism and the country's people are famous for their hospitality and hosting foreigners in their homes.

A 12-year-old girl living in the United Kingdom has scored an impressive 162 points on a MENSA IQ test, earning her an estimated measured intelligence just slightly higher than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Watch This: Downhill skateboarder Zak Maytum recently took a run along a stretch of road in Colorado during which he reached speeds up to 70 miles an hour...and someone was tailing right behind him to film it call.

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