BBC reports that Denmark has actually stalled its railway links shared with Germany because of Syrian refugees passing through.

The report reveals that the Danish police has also blocked motorways connecting with Germany after refugees were seen taking the way en route to other countries. Most of the refugees are on their way to Sweden. This has been done over concerns of passport checks

At least Denmark has not taken egregious steps like Hungary, which has actually fortified its walls at the boundaries to keep refugees away.

While countries like Germany and Austria are setting great examples by avowing to take in large numbers of refugees -- Germany has actually agreed to shelter 500,000 a year -- the UK has agreed to rehabilitate a conservative 4,000 a year up until 2020.

Up until recently David Cameron's government was being slammed by the rest of the world for its parsimony. But now UK's opposition party has also taken a stand, and is challenging Cameron's decision to host such a small number of refugees. The BBCreported that at an emergency debate on the country's response to the crisis at the House of Commons inspired the debate. The Labour's member and shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper, spoke out against the government's unsatisfactory action.

"The crisis is now and helping 4,000 refugees this year isn't enough," she said.

Even Middle Eastern countries are showing little compassion. Recently news of the Saudi government actually taking action to ensure that such help cannot be extended has been a bit shocking. The Saudi Arabian government has banned its citizens from adopting Syrian orphans.