An American Airlines flight from Cleveland to Dallas was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine failed on flight on Friday. No injuries have been reported.

The Aviation Herald reports that the airplane made the emergency landing about 25 minutes after departure. It was American Airlines Flight 1295 from Cleveland,OH to Dallas Ft. Worth,TX with 139 passengers and 7 crew.

According to the Herald, the crew reported their left hand engine had failed. "The aircraft stopped the climb at 4000 feet and returned to Cleveland for a safe landing," reports the paper.

People on the ground also reported seeing a problem on the plane, according to the Associated Press. They said one of the two engines of the MD-80's airplane was failing just after take off, a spokesman for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, AP said.

A spokesman for the airline told the Associated Press that the plane was carrying 139 passengers and five crew members.

AP reports that an AA spokesperson said the airline was allocating the passengers to travel in other flights.

American Airlines has had significant problems over recent years with some of its engines, according to Fox News.