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Did South Korea destroy a historic forest to setup for the 2018 Winter Olympics? The answer seems to be yes. According a report, officials bulldozed a section of Mount Gariwang, a forest that had previously been a protected area for its connection to the last ruling dynasty of Korea that is also home to four threatened animals, to make way for a ski slope.

Read This: The New York Times has a pretty disturbing feature on how American service members witnessing evidence of sexual abuse of children by their counterparts in Afghanistan were ordered by their superiors to look the other way.

The Emmy awards were last night. Here's a full list of the night's winners. We also put together a breakdown of the most surprising wins AND the most touching moments from the "biggest night in television."

Lean About This: Guevedoces, male members of a small community in the Dominican Republic that are born resembling females and end up growing penises when they hit puberty.

Anti-virus company AVG has just announced a new privacy policy in which it will openly sell users' browsing data to advertisers. The Czech company, which boasts more than 100 million users around the globe, says it will only sell information that won't reveal users identities and is doing to keep its products free to consumers.

If you're one on the many many people psyched for the new Ridley Scott directed space adventure movie The Martian starring Matt Damon and can't wait to see it, then you're probably jealous of the astronauts on the International Space Station, who got to view an early screening of the film.

Listen to This: The most recent This American Life episode features a story about man in Toronto who was discovered digging a secret tunnel, a teen gives her personal account of being in an abusive relationship with an older man and a father and son who live together (but don't speak the same language) and have their first conversation.

A teen in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to death by crucifixion. The sentencing is for charges illegal protesting and gun possession and is especially messed up when considering the recent news that the one of the country's ambassadors was recently named a key position on the United Nation's Human Right Panel.

Watch This: Someone masterfully edited scenes from The Fantastic Mr. Fox into a nearly flawless video for "The Blowup" by Blackalicious.