A good haul of storylines will be planned out for the final season of Downton Abbey.

Lady Mary Is Going 'Business Mode' On 'Downton Abbey'

Based on the latest promo released on Sunday, Carson and Mrs. Hughes will be working on the day they tie the knot. As people ask how plans are coming, Carson says they're thinking of a place to hold the reception, Meanwhile, Mrs. Hughes says she doesn't want to be a servant when she marries.

Anna will come to the acceptance that she can't have children, but Mary isn't going to let that stop her until they get an official answer. So she takes her to see a doctor, leaving the question on where Anna's potential for a future pregnancy stands.

'Downton Abbey' Actress Is 'Not Upset' Over Series Ending

Other characters will spend time with their families and play games. The Dowager is also keeping up with her sassy ways.

During the 2015 Emmy Awards, Joanne Froggatt (Anna) spoke to E! News on what fans can expect in the last moments as the series finishes up. She mentioned how excited she is for everyone to see what happens with different emotions being explored.

"We can expect all the things that everybody has come to know and love about Downton," Froggatt said. "There's drama, there's intrigue, there's romance, there's a bit of tragedy, not too much...but it's a great final season."

Check out the new promo below.

Downton Abbey Season 6 premieres in the United States on Sunday, January 3 on PBS.