NCIS just aired its second episode of its brand new season Tuesday night on CBS and the series is very much in production as more episodes are being filmed.

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The series is known for tackling storylines that cause quite a buzz and this season won't disappoint.

Showrunner Gary Glasberg told Entertainment Weekly recently that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) would continue to shift in terms of his personality since dealing with being shot by a child and then saved. Viewers Tuesday night truly began to see that shift as well as a physical change in Gibbs' wardrobe.

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He called that ordeal a "life-altering experience" and everyone has "to adjust to a different man."

That aside, the NCIS team will be tackling storylines that are current with what is going on with the military now.

"We're in a never-ending communication with homeland security, with NCIS in Washington," Glasberg shared, adding, "Whenever we can try to tackle a story that's relevant to the military, that's relevant to military and families, and our safety, it's the kind of thing that we aggressively try to have our stamp on."

Glasberg even teased a storyline they're presently working on involving female Navy officers on submarines.

"We're starting to discuss a storyline for NCIS that has to do with harassment on submarines. Now that female navy officers are allowed on submarines we have a storyline that involves that. We love to tackle the issues as best we can," he explained.

NCIS airs on Tuesdays on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.