In one of the latest developments around the Syrian refugee crisis is a good one.

Some countries in South America have gracioulsy opened their doors to the embattled refugees. Countries like Argentina are welcoming refugees and although they are only trickling in now as word spreads perhaps some of the masses can be directed to South America from Europe.

While these countries are taking these refugees in there are the issues of housing and employment. Michelle Alfaro, an official from the United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees based in Buenos Aires spoke to US News about this still being a problem.

"Refugees' integration in the country of asylum is always a major challenge," she said.

Like Germany in Europe, Argentina seems to be setting a good example in South America. The country is also relatively developed which puts it in a better place to tackle a problem like this. Jorge Fernández, coordinator of the Refugee Program at the Foundation of the Argentine Catholic Commission on Migration in Buenos Aires also asserted this factor speaking to US News.

"The migration politics of Argentina is rather developed compared to other countries in the region [...] because it is a nation that has historically welcomed immigrants and refugees," he said.

Meanwhile Europe is trying to get a grip on the crisis. In a recent summit addressing the issue, the chairman of the EU, Donald Tusk, announced that the EU would pledg $1.1 Billion as aid to the U.N. agencies helping refugees in the Middle East.