Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott News 2015: Couple Eliminating Their Luxury Lifestyle To Help Fight Their Debt [VIDEO]

Another day, another story about how Tori Spelling can barely make ends meet these days. There's a new report that says Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott are so desperate to get out of their mountains of debt that they are eliminating their luxury lifestyle in order to fix their financial situation.

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott News 2015: New Report Says Couple 'Dirt Poor' And 'Freeloading'

According to OK! Magazine on Monday, the couple's growing debt is one of the biggest problems in their marriage, and Spelling is finally willing to do something about it before they end up heading towards a divorce.

Sources close to the couple say they are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck. In the past few weeks, they've moved to a smaller home and have been selling all of their possessions in order to make a quick buck.

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And while Spelling is doing her best, she still can't help but splurge on herself once awhile as the rest of the family is curbing their shopping addictions.

"She knows they're in trouble, but she can't help splashing out on herself," a family insider said.

According to Star Magazine last Friday, the couple were spotted not only sampling free food during their trip to a Farmer's Market near their home, but they were supposedly "making a meal" out of it with their four children.

"They told their kids to ask the vendors for food," an eyewitness tells the publication. "They made it look like it was about trying new things, but it seemed like they wanted to fill up without having to buy anything."

What's worse, bystanders couldn't help but stare at the family, who are also filming a new show for the Cooking Channel, which the site says is their "last attempt" to dig their family out of their financial crisis.

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