Lady Mary has been known for her dominating side when it comes to her sister, but the tables might turn on Downton Abbey.

Could 'Downton Abbey' Return In 40 Years?

In a new teaser released on Monday, some intensity is about to go down towards the middle of the season. Mary is apparently accused of being a "grubby gold digger" although that could just be her own interpretation. There are also going to be drawings from children that could lead to turmoil.

But it's the last moment that gets really crazy when Edith tells Mary that she "knows" her. She then calls her a "nasty, jealous, scheming b--ch."

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With Edith gathering strength to call people out, this gives a lot of temptation on how Mary will take this. Is she going to make Edith feel terrible about this or will she take these harsh words into consideration?

Check it out below.

Meanwhile, something else that fans can expect is some gore. Believe it or not, there's going to be an episode filled with nasty blood, according to Radio Times. Robert will be at the dinner table when an ulcer bursts and he vomits blood all over the place- including the guests' faces.

"Robert's been clutching his stomach in discomfort and complaining about how he can't drink port for weeks now," the site wrote. "We knew this was a storyline we hadn't seen the end of, but no one could have imagined it would all come out in the way it did."

Downton Abbey Season 6 premieres in the United States on Sunday, January 3 on PBS.