Timm Gunn has a bone to pick. A foamy, clog-shaped bone. The Project Runway celeb has dubbed Crocs—the plastic slip-on shoe that looks like Swiss cheese—today’s fashion monstrosity.

He told Marlo Thomas of the Huffington Post that he is beyond confused as to why one would wear these ‘shoes.’ “I was forced to put on a pair at one point, I looked down at my foot and I said, ‘I look like I have a hoof!’”

For reasons unknown to Gunn, Crocs are still incredibly popular among all ages. “The more I talk about how awful they are, the more their stock goes up,” he told Thomas.

Crocs were originally intended to be a spa shoe, with their trademark foam resin, ‘Croslite’ offering medical benefits, according to a number of podiatrists. They are also a go-to choice for busy parents looking for a quick and comfortable shoe for their kids.

Gunn remains ‘ambivalent’ about them being O.K. for children after seeing a kid struggle as his Croc got wedged into a department store escalator.

Sorry Gunn, but it looks like Crocs are here to stay—along with a fleece insert for those wintery months.

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