Heidi Klum and Seal might have looked like a couple that was very much in love, but it looks like their very public displays of affections were all for the cameras. Seal, who split from the supermodel back in 2012, is now hinting that the couple's marriage was all for show as he says their yearly vow renewals felt like a "circus" for him.

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According to Xpose on Tuesday, the former chart topper says he didn't enjoy all of the attention he received each time he and Klum threw a star-studded ceremony to renew their vows every year. He also adds that Klum'a attention-seeking ways might have been the reason the couple's marriage ended up in a divorce.

He said rather bluntly, "That was my ex-wife's idea, to be honest. It kind of turned into a circus, which I wasn't terribly fond of because by default I'm quite a private person."

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Seal also said that even though he wasn't up for the idea, he renewed his vows with Klum every year anyway, just to make her happy.

He added, "But then you know, you're married and you become a team player, and you understand that each of you have different lives, and you do whatever you can to support your partner's life. But the renewing of the vows, it was cool. I don't know how necessary it was, but it was cool.''

While he was still married to Klum, Seal's tune was a little different as he said that the vow renewal was "so special" for the couple.

''It's so special to us, something we love and something our children have gotten accustomed to. It's like, 'Hey, Mom and Dad love each other and they get married every year!'"