Jen Selter is looking as fab as ever in her latest social media post.

Jen Selter Bares Her Legs While Enjoying Summer Breeze

On Sunday, the Instagram model added a new picture where she sports a black tank top and tight blue workout pants. As she straddles one foot in front of the other, she arches her back and lets her famous backside absorb the eye.

It seems to be a lovely day to do some workouts since Selter mentioned how "beautiful" it is in Central Park.

 Anyone else in Central Park on this beautiful fall Sunday?!

A photo posted by Jennifer Selter (@jenselter) on Nov 15, 2015 at 11:50am PST

Jen Selter Gives Advice About Body Types

The model has been getting more in touch with the weather these days based on another photo she added. With tight grey pants and a small top that shows off her slender torso, she stands beneath a cloudy and colorful sky while embracing nature.

LA snapchat - JenSelter A photo posted by Jennifer Selter (@jenselter) on Nov 13, 2015 at 10:38am PST

Selter achieved her Internet fame when she started working out and showed photos of her progress. She currently has more than seven million followers although she admitted in a previous post that results "do not happen overnight." It was all about staying motivated and working hard to get the body she wanted.

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