Charlie Sheen appeared on the TODAY show on Tuesday, where he revealed he was HIV positive, and had been for four years.

Charlie Sheen Could Be Facing Criminal Charges Related To His HIV Status

Days later, details about how he kept his diagnosis secret, despite two of his ex-wives knowning about the illness, have been revealed.

"Charlie Sheen's HIV cover-up affected countless men, women, and transsexuals, but perhaps no one was more deeply entrapped in the scheme than his ex-wives, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller," Radar Online reported on Thursday. "The women guarded his shocking secret for years, but sources said he used threats, insults and more to ensure they kept quiet."

New Details Continue To Emerge About Charlie Sheen's HIV Diagnosis

During his appearance on the TODAY show, he told Matt Lauer he informed both Richards and Mueller of his diagnosis, and suggested Mueller and her sons, Max and Bob Sheen, get tested. At the time of his HIV diagnosis, Sheen and Mueller were still married, but he had moved on with a number of other women.

"While they tested negative, along with the kids, Sheen made them both swear to not reveal the diagnosis to the public. Both agreed," Radar Online explained.

In the past, Sheen has criticized Richards online on multiple occassions. At one point, he told fans, "You should all hear her acting lessons: sounds like dolphins s*****g off Coyotes!!!"

He also took aim at her father, Irv, saying, "Hey Irv; go fu** yourself pu**y b****-I am the truth you are my enemy."