The Olsen twins will not appear on Fuller House.

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While there have been reports claiming Mary-Kate and Ashley would pop up at some point during production on the Full House reboot, Lori Loughlin has since confirmed the twins will not appear on the upcoming Netflix series.

Fuller House has "wrapped and they didn't come in," Loughlin confirmed to The Huffington Post on Wednesday. And as far as future cameos on additional seasons, she added, "No, I don't think they're going to make a cameo. They didn't this season."

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"Although Ashley and Mary-Kate will not be a part of Fuller House, I know how much Full House has meant to them and they are still very much considered family," executive producer Robert L. Boyett said in statement in May, via E! News. "It has been exciting to see how they have built their professional careers, and I support their choice to focus on their fashion brands and various business endeavors. I appreciate their support and good wishes towards Fuller House."

While the cast was forced to film without the twins, aka Michelle Tanner, Loughlin assured fans there was no lack of emotion when she and the cast reunited.

"After you got over the initial surreal experience of like, 'Wow, we're here again,' we sort of fell back into line exactly as we were," she explained. "And we had a lot of laughs and a lot of good times and it was a lot like picking up right where we left off."