FOX5 Surprise Squad 2015: Why This Veteran Broke Down After Amazing News [VIDEO]

Holidays is time to share your blessings, help individuals and families in need. To enjoy their holiday season, we can help them by giving foods, clothing, gifts and monetary donations that are used to provide hope. Jesus made it clear that we are to share our blessings with the poor. But every year, many people are lonely, while for some, it's another year without that special someone to share the season with.

During Thanksgiving, the expression of gratitude, especially to God, a lot of people celebrate it with a turkey on their tables. The turkey, the stuffing, the pies for Thanksgiving feast.

A local news station, Fox5 Las Vegas Surprise Squad, visited the Smith's Grocery Store, to bring comfort and special treat for holiday. Cassandra Jones approached several customers, asked what they had on their grocery cart, and offer to pay their bills.

Several customers at a Smith's Grocery Store, was so grateful for receiving a Thanksgiving groceries treat. One of the grateful customer was Victor Moss. Jones approached him at the cashier, Moss only had water in his shopping cart. Jones encouraged him to pick out some more groceries. Moss initially told Jones to use the money on someone who needs it more, Moss eventually accepted the offer.

Moss said, "I see this on TV, but I just don't believe it. I'm retired, I'm military disable. It's so wonderful now, thank you. I'll get home and start cooking and enjoying myself and have a wonderful Thanksgiving from Fox5."

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