Enstars Readers’ Choice Homecoming Court 2015 Tournament: Chloe Lukasiak Earns Title Of Queen While Ricky Garcia Takes Kingship

Is there any autumn tradition more American than a high school homecoming? The returning alumni, the big game against the school rival, the dance and, of course, the homecoming court.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept, it goes like this: A high school student body nominates and then votes on a group of fellow students to be the king and queen of the homecoming, with the runners-up crowned as prince and princess (although sometimes, the elections are separated between upper and underclassmen). It's a high school community's celebration of itself by holding up those it sees as the embodiment of its very best (who are unveiled at the homecoming dance, natch).

Forget the prom king and queen, the homecoming court is where it's at!

And while we at Enstars may not be in high school anymore, we love the idea of having a homecoming court for our favorite young celebs. But why not mix it up and have the candidates (or more accurately, their fans) square off against one-on-one? So we decided to host our very first Enstars Readers' Choice Homecoming Court Tournament.

The five rounds have officially come to an end, which means we know who earned the titles of our queen, king, princess and prince!

Dancer-turned-actress Chloe Lukasiak shall reign as our queen!

Meanwhile, one of her closest friends will reign beside her as princess. It's Good Witch star Bailee Madison!

See the female tournament bracket below to see how Lukasiak and Madison wound up in the final two for the females.

Forever In Your Mind's Ricky Garcia is our king! P.S. how cute is it that our queen and king are dating in real life?

Then, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson makes one fine prince!

See the male tournament bracket below to see how Garcia and Tomlinson wound up in the final two for the males.

Happy Homecoming!

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