Life Hack 2015: Homemade Pasta Meals Made Easy [VIDEO]

Life Hack 2015

I'm guessing almost everybody likes pasta. Some people would even eat it for every meal and any time of the day. But with busy schedules and work rush, who has time to prepare such time-consuming food preparation?

Recently, some people have discovered a simple hack to make it easier for you to prepare your favorite food good for a week, even in the morning before you go to work. All the prepping and making all in just under 5 minutes.

You can cook the pasta in bulk and you don't have to worry about the leftover pasta and sauce because you can freeze them into separate portions that you can use whenever you feel like eating pasta. You can now have ready-to-eat meal that saves you so much time.

This video shows you a simple way of making ready-to-go homemade pasta singles. Watch the short lifesaver video below and learn how to do it!

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