If there's one person who has been keeping rather quiet about her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's HIV news, it's Denise Richards. The Hollywood actress, who shares two children with the scandalized television star, is apparently being paid to keep her ex's matters to herself as she supposedly depends on Sheen for financial support.

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According to Star Magazine on Friday, Richards, who hasn't had stable work in Hollywood for years now, has been struggling to make ends meet and that's why she fully relies on Sheen to take care of her and their two daughters, Sam, 11, and Lola, 10.

What's more, she reportedly received $52,000 a month in tax-free child support in addition to $60,000 a month for alimony for two years thanks to Sheen's long-time stint on the hit television comedy, Two and A Half Men. The site also adds that Richards' net worth is around the $25 million dollar ball park.

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And while Sheen has made some scathing remarks about his ex in the past, it looks like the two are on good speaking terms finally.

A source said, "Charlie still takes care of her financially and to this day he's very generous to Denise and the kids."

What's more, Richards was one of the very few people Sheen confided to with his HIV news.

The insider added, "He told Denise he got it from a hooker after they broke up, but she was still worried sick. After all, he would sleep with anything."