What should have been a joyous holiday event turned into bloodshed after a couple open-fired at the Inland Regional Center last Wednesday. LA Times reports that 28-year-old Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, 27-year old Tashfeen Malik were identified as the suspects who where later on killed in a shootout with the police.

San Bernardino Shooting: 14 Dead In Attack On Social Services Office In California City

Until now, the suspects' motives are yet to be discovered. However, reports say that the two appeared to have been radicalized.

12 of the 14 victims were San Bernardino County employees, many of which worked in the health department. Here are some of those identified.

San Bernardino Shooting Suspects: Everything We Know About Syed Rizwan Farook & Tashfeen Malik

Michael Raymond Wetzel

The 37-year old made his living supervising a team of health inspectors in the county Environmental Health Services division. The Church of the Woods initially confirmed his death. His distraught wife, Renee Wetzel has nothing but kind words for his husband. "He loved his work and his family so very much. Without him, this family will never be the same," she posted online.

Sierra Clayborn

27-year old Sierra was among the recent addition to the team of county health inspectors. Her sister, Tamishia, confirmed her death upon speaking to NBC. Mary Hale, the woman who managed Sierra's property remembered her fondly. "She was such a beautiful person. Absolute sweetheart," Mary sobbed.

Daniel Kaufman

The 42-year old trained disable employees in the center's coffee shop. Daniel's boyfriend, Ryan Reyes was initially told that he was shot but survived the shooting. However, officials later on confirmed Daniel's death. Everyone in my family is devastated," Kaufman's uncle, Gregory Johnson said in an interview with NBC. "Daniel was a good person that we all loved. "

Benneta Betbadal

46-year old Benneta from Rialto fled Iran when she was 18 in fear of Islamic extremism. Her family recalls her being particularly excited about giving a presentation to her officemates Wednesday morning. "It is the ultimate irony that her life would be stolen from her that day by what appears to be the same type of extremism that she fled so many years ago," the family's statement said.

Nicholas Thalasinos

The 52-year old has worked for the center as an inspector for a long time. His wife says that he is a Messianic Jew who was outspoken with his political views. Jennifer Thalasinos shares that Nicholas was a martyr to his faith. "He was a wonderful person," Joey Shimoni, a friend of Thalasinos said. "A great husband and just a sweet soul."

Tin Nguyen

Tin Nguyen was a 31-year old health inspector he stopped by the office Wednesday morning. Her family tried to contact her after learning that she was inside the building during the horrific attack. "Her mom tried to call, and all people tried to call, but no answer," her cousin Calvin said. "She was very intelligent, a good girl, takes care of mom and family," he said.

Robert Adams

40-year old Robert was a dedicated father to his 20-month old baby. He was also a health specialist in the center. The official statement said: "Robert always wanted to be a father and for the past 20-months, he was a devoted father to Savannah and cherished every moment with her."