Selena Gomez was one of three performers during last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and unfortunately, she made headlines today for all the wrong reasons.

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Joined by The Weeknd and Ellie Golding, Gomez performed her hits "Can't Keep My Hands To My Self" and "Me & My Girls" before awaking to accusations, claiming she wasn't singing live.

In response to the lip synching accusations, Gomez commented on a photo shared by Victoria's Secret's official Instagram account, telling fans, "Yes I f**king sing live."

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After Victoria's Secret shared the photo above, fans flooded the comments section of the photo with claims of Gomez's inability to sing live. Below are a few of their comments.

"She sang over a backing track, that's like us singing to her songs in the car."

"She proved she can sing live, but it didn't prove that she does it well lol she's awful live. Plenty of videos online to prove that. Pretty face, awesome actress, terrible singer. But that's my opinion. I still love her just not as a live singer."

"She was lip singing tho.. she's sounds horrible."

Although Gomez faced many critics, others applauded her talent, and insisted she was singing live.

For more Selena Gomez, check out her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show performance below.