This job seeker's name is José Zamora. During his months-long job search, he sat down and logged onto his computer scanning over Craigslist job ads. Every morning of every day, he combed the internet for listings, whatever job posting he felt like he's qualified for, he applied to it. José says he sent out about 50 to 100 resumes daily.

José did his morning routine for several months but didn't receive even a single response. Frustrated and confused, he tried to do something different. He the decided to drop the 's' from his resume and go by the name of 'Joe'. A week later, he says that his inbox was flooded with emails.

He then found out that the thing that's holding him back in his job search was his name.

José says in the video: "Sometimes I don't even think people know, or are conscious, or aware that they're judging, even if it's by a name, but I think we all do it all the time."

This video is an eye-opener that something as simple as a name leads to harsh prejudices as simple as getting a job.