DIY Videos: Transform Your EOS Lip Balm Into A Real Snow Globe

DIY Mini Snow Globe

Snow globes are a Christmas classic--a must when it comes to decorating for the season! You can make your own snow globes with the how-to directions and YouTube tutorial below.

You will need an empty and clean eos container. You need to remove the clear plastic cap that is inside the lid of the eos using knife. Using polymer clay, start creating the landscape that you want to have in the snow globe. Everything should be tiny! Put it inside the freezer just to make it easier to remove later. Put in the snow floor and make sure to put a lot of glue tp prevent any leakage. Put on a clear cap, 1 teaspoon of water and a very small amount og glitter. For the final step, seal with a strong or water-resistant glue and dry it for 30 minutes. Once it is done, the final result is amazing looks super cute!

The best part about these snow globes is that they give you the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of the pesky plastic figurines lying around the house. And they're a great way to save money on expensive decorations.

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