Christmas Desserts Ideas: From Cookies To Cupcakes, Try These 8 Festive Treats

The holiday season is a time for giving, but also a time to indulge on sweets, from creative cookie creations to festive cupcakes that bring Christmas decorations to edibility.

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We scoured the web for some of the most delicious and beautifully crafted Christmas desserts imaginable!

They may look daunting, but they're actually pretty simple if you have the patience to bake--take a look below at these magnificent Christmas treats!

Christmas Tree Cookies
Christmas trees are a huge part of Christmas, so why not make cookies that look like decorated Christmas trees? Martha Stewart's recipe is easy to follow and lets your creativity flow when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree-shaped cookies.

Gingerbread Cookies
Another Christmastime must is gingerbread! It's a tradition held by many to create gingerbread houses with gingerbread families, but sometimes it's just easier to make cookies in the shapes of stars, men and trees since they're all festive parts of the season. Food Network star Alex Guarnaschelli's recipe is quick and easy!

Snowflake Cookies
Another big part of the holiday season is snow--it's no surprise there are recipes for snowflake-shaped cookies. Food Network's Paula Deen has a bit of a time-consuming recipe, but the end result is not only delicious, but stunning too!

Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Cookies in the shape of Christmas trees are fairly simple to master, but cupcakes that look like them are a bit more challenging. If you're up for that challenge, give this Martha Stewart recipe a try! You can literally make the cupcakes look like they're dusted with snow (sugar). If you have the time and artistic ability, this recipe is for you.

Candy-Stripe Cookie Sticks
Another essential part of Christmastime is candy canes from super funky flavored and colored ones to the more traditional white and red striped peppermint canes. These cookie sticks from Martha Stewart are like the traditional candy canes in terms of color, but they have a sweet vanilla taste (though you can always substitute the vanilla extract for peppermint if your heart desires a more candy cane-like flavor).

This elegant dessert is native to France; tiny cream-stuffed puff pastries are assembled in the shape of a Christmas tree and coated with rich caramel. You can get super creative with this, altering the flavors of the cream filling and how you decorate the stacked tree-like tower!

Fig Holiday Roll
Figs are another part of the holiday season; this dessert may not be shaped like candy canes or Christmas trees, but the flavors scream Christmas. You can never go wrong with pairing cinnamon, cloves and other warm flavors during the holidays--something Martha Stewart is well aware of!

Eggnog Cups
Eggnog is a traditional part of Christmastime for many so why not have a dessert inspired by it? Martha Stewart's recipe is rich and decadent.

May your Christmas be extra merry with these extremely festive desserts!

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