As real estate agents from Los Angeles, Million Dollar Listing stars David Parnes and James Harris are typically in charge of sale transactions for homes and work with a number of celebrity and high network clients. But as part of the new social media ad campaign for online real estate company Trulia, the two take on a new "client" that's unlike any other--because he's a Gingerbread man.

Enstars got the chance to catch up with the two to talk about the campaign, their work in real estate business, and what fans of the series cam

Enstars: Can you give more details on story of this campaign and your "client"?
James Harris: "Ginger-Fred" is relocating to Los Angeles and his wife is about to deliver a baby boy; we're dealing with a six-inch gingerbread man and it's a very good client to have. And we're out shopping for a house for them during the holidays because he's about to have this baby, but we need to find him a nice, cool location for the family. It needs to be a family friendly house between 5-8 million dollars and we're just having a lot of fun with this client. It's just a fun and lighthearted campaign and we're having a great time doing it.

It's a very seasonally-conscious campaign, so I'm wondering: What do you guys have planned this Christmas?
David Parnes: I'm off to London on the 25th to spend time with my parents, I'm really looking forward to that, going with my fiancee so that will be really, really nice.
JH: Join family times, turn off my cell phone, eat terrible food and be happy.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in your line of work?
DP: I think it comes down to perseverance and never really giving up because everything comes down to this: If you throw enough mud at the wall, some of it is going to stick. You just got to keep doing it and not give it up because when everything is going wrong, you just got to go through those tunnels. I think it really comes down to perseverance because [some] clients will be difficult and markets will turn and things will go wrong. I think it's just about staying on track, staying true to yourself and never giving up.

You guys work with celebrities as well as non-celebrities. With the exception of privacy, what's the difference between working with someone famous versus someone who's not?
JH: When you're working with a celebrity, you're dealing with a business manager, you're dealing with an assistant until the time comes that individual will come out, but celebrities are usually dealing with a team of people before you actually deal with that person. So it varies...we do a lot of behind-the-scenes work before the client actually comes to see the property.

Can you say anything about the future for Million Dollar Listing?
JH: I think we're going to get another season, we don't know yet, but it's looking very good. We've had a huge response this season.
DP: We will see...