Last Minute Gift Guide: The Best 'Of The Month' Clubs For Your Christmas Shopping List [VIDEO]

How is it already Christmas? Where did December go, and how do you still have so much shopping to get done? If you're thinking of chucking the whole holiday and resorting to gift cards for your loved ones, don't give up just yet; you can still give thoughtful and fun last minute gifts to your family and friends. The solution? A subscription to a "gift of the month" club that suits their unique likes and personalities. Here are the best ways to round out the holiday season in serious shopping style.


For those that love pickles in all their varied and delicious glory, this is the gift that keeps on giving. The subscription includes all sorts of different types of pickles from sweet to savory from all across the world. Even better, the lucky pickle fan will also receive a surprising assortment of other pickled items from fruits to vegetables. Get ready for a tasty 2016.


Does someone on your shopping list have a green thumb and love for the unique? Then get ready to wow them with this carefully curated Moss Of The Month club. Personally selected and maintained by the owner, members will receive different sorts of moss with which to decorate their gardens, terrariums, and homes in an unconventional and environmentally friendly manner.


The fashion-forward man in your life will love this subscription, which provides people with high-quality 100% silk neckwear all year long. Trying to subtly improve the style of a loved one? This might be the best way to go about it. Best of all, they can re-gift any of the ties that don't suit their look to colleagues and family members. It's a win-win all around.


I'll admit, I have a weakness for office supplies. And it seems I'm not alone; this gift of the month club embraces all things pretty and paper. The craving for superior stationary is such that the December boxes are already sold out, but you can still get them for January as as a paper-perfect present.

Japanese Candy

Have a sweet tooth? Do you know someone with a soft spot for all things Japanese (in particular their amazingly eclectic candies)? Then this is the subscription box for you: not only does it provide a truly astounding variety of candies for the sweet connoisseur in your life, it delivers twice a month, making this club one of the best deals on this list.


Bath products are a classic standby for holiday gifts, but why not add a little flair to this classic item? The organic items are soothing to the skin, and smell phenomenal. As if that's not enough incentive, you can tailor the subscriptions to fit the needs of the recipient. If they're vegan or have a specific allergy, they'll love how thoughtful this gift is.

Dog Treats

Not everyone on your list has two legs, but they'll still appreciate some gifts (especially if their edible). This service provides a monthly collection of treats and goodies for your furry friends, ensuring the canines in your life will be spoiled all year long--just the way nature intended.


Do the holidays make you feel like you could use a drink or two? Then make sure to get this whiskey of the month set for your favorite drinking buddy (and be sure to get invited over when they sample their gift). Prefer a different sort of spirit? They also offer tequila and vodka varieties.


The makeup fanatic in your life will be over the moon for this thoughtful and fun subscription service, which delivers a personally-curated selection of makeup and toiletries each month. They offer options for men and women, so you can get the perfect gift for everyone on your list (even if it's a last minute purchase).


This is the Internet; of course there's a monthly club for bacon fanatics. provides the meat lover in your life with different cuts and styles of their favorite product all year long. From bacon pancakes to jerky to flavors beyond your wildest dreams, this is what bacon lovers have been longing for.

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