Kat has gone from beefing with the 9Mag guys to having an all-out feud with her girls, Charmaine and Danielle on VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

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Kat might have thought all of her 9Mag issues were over and done after she quit the tattoo shop following a blowup with the owner Ryan and the other male tattoo artists. But now that Danielle is getting close to Ryan and her cousin Charmaine has no drama with the guys (except Don), Kat makes it clear she’s upset they are still cool with them.

Charmaine and Danielle were giving Kat a rundown of all of the drama that happened on the yacht party in the last episode. But Kat clearly seemed unbothered and uninterested.

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She broke her silence and said, “I’m not there…If you guys are now a part of that.”

When Danielle asked if she was upset, Kat revealed, “If the tables were turned I would not have been on that boat with them.”

Kat then pointed out that she is the one who “brought Danielle and Charmaine to 9Mag,” and now she is starting to question their loyalty.

As for Danielle, she wasn’t here for Kat calling her out and added that she is “emotional” considering everything is going on.

But things got worse when Charmaine told Kat, “I don’t see what the big deal is…Does she want me to quit? How am I gonna get money? How am I gonna live?”

Kat fired back with, “Charmaine I don’t expect too much from you.”

Take a look.

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