'Ray Donovan' Season 4 Spoilers: Which Characters Are Set To Return In The Next Chapter? [VIDEO]

While the pivotal characters of Ray Donovan are here to stay, there has been some speculation surrounding the return of certain other much-loved characters played by actors like Katie Holmes and Jon Voight.

In an interview with TVLine, Ray Donovan's new showrunner, David Hollander, addressed the question about Voight's return season 4 of the Showtime series.

Hollander dished plenty about the show and what fans can expect from it going forward. Voight's character arc as Mickey in every season concludes in him majorly wrecked and going down under and MIA. In fact the finale of season 3 raised similar questions about if Mickey might be coming back at all in the next chapter. Hollander assured fans that Voight will be back and also that no matter how impossible his return seemed, it was one of the easier characters to write in that regard as Mickey worked in very unpredictable ways.

"Absolutely. I laugh only because that's the easiest part," he said. "Mickey always wakes up in a new place, and that place feels permanent until it's not. Boston. Mexico. North Hollywood. And somehow, some way, whatever he is doing, it's going to drag him right back into the heart of Donovan land."

Fans are also eager to find out if the actress will be returning as Paige Finney in the next chapter. Hollander addressed the query in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

He suggested that it was likely as the Finney family will still be key to the story, but added that they would need to find relevant angles to make it work.

"I'm never finished with anybody. But her family certainly is not going to be a centerpiece as a plot initially," she said. "If something about it becomes relevant to the story and can be additive and bring up more places to explore, sure. I love those actors and characters."

Season 4 of Ray Donovan will feature 12 one hour episodes and is expected to begin production in 2016.

Watch the preview for the finale of season 3:

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