Samuel L. Jackson Movies: Why The Actor Is Not Into Filming Nude Scenes [VIDEO]


The Hateful Eight actor gets candid with Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show as he opened up about getting naked in front of the cameras and reveals why he avoids it.

“I might ask for a d**k double," Jackson responded, when Stern asked if he'd ever show his "ween,"
and asked if his penis isn’t big enough to show off on camera, the 67-year-old actor reveals that, “I don't know if it's… yeah," Jackson confessed. "I don't know if it's formidable enough. My aura's so big, I don't know if my d**k is big enough to fill my aura.”

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Apparently, that explains why one of the most hard-working Hollywood actors in the industry covers only a few sex scenes, not to mention the one with Juliette Binoche in In My Country and Naomi Watts in Mother and Child. According to Entertainment Tonight, over the course of his career, Jackson notes that nude scenes are "extremely awkward" to film.

The Avengers actor also dishes out the kind of feeling he would imagine when the sex scenes start to punch in.

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"You ask before you start, 'Where can I touch you? Where shouldn't I touch you?'" he explained. "Then you apologize for both reasons. 'I'm sorry if I get excited' and 'I'm sorry if I don't.' Because sometimes it just ain't happening!"

Though it may be an awkward feeling for Jackson, for some celebs, it never bothers them. Get it from Jason Segel who strips down with quite a few movies. The 37-year-old actor dishes out with Vulture on being nude in front of the cameras.

"The full-frontal nudity? I thought that was hilarious," Segel explained. "I was actually not very uncomfortable doing it. I really felt free. You have to put it in the context that this was 2006, 2007, and this hadn't been done before, in my recollection, where the main guy was going to be naked in the first five minutes of the movie."

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