American Horror Story boss Ryan Murphy has already spilled the beans to some cast members on who they're playing in season 6.

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Murphy essentially just revealed that Angela Bassett is returning for season 6. The showrunner spoke in an interview with E! News (seen below) at the Golden Globes about telling certain actors who they'll be playing next season. And in doing so, he may have slipped by revealing Bassett's returning status!

"Tonight I started to tell all the actors who they were gonna play for next season 'cause I had too much drink," Murphy said. "So I told Angela Bassett and she was like 'what?!'"

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Murphy also admitted, "I'm gonna regret it tomorrow, I think I said too much too soon. But yeah, we're a family. But tonight I did start to tell them what I'm thinking about and I'm excited about it."

Very little has been revealed thus far about season 6 of American Horror Story, other than Bassett's apparent involvement. Murphy did publicly offer a returning role to Lady Gaga, who just won a Golden Globe for her performance as The Countess in the current season, American Horror Story: Hotel. But Gaga has yet to announce if she is returning.

Gaga did reveal to press at the Golden Globes that she'll be releasing her new album this year, so it's possible that this will take up too much of her time. Regardless, we should expect cast announcements in the months to come.

The American Horror Story: Hotel finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.