Eileen Davidson was targeted by Lisa Vanderpump on last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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During the show, Vanderpump questioned Davidson about her marriage and relationship with husband Vincent Van Patten, and went as far as to ask about when their "affair" began.

"I don’t think I’ve shied away from discussing the details of how Vincent and I met (remember that time when Brandi threw wine in my face?), despite the fact that it really is nobody’s business," Davidson wrote in her blog. "Oh and by the way, everyone has moved on! Well, almost everyone..."

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"If a friend wants to 'get to know' me, I’m happy to answer anything. Lisa V.’s questions seemed far from friendly, but OK," she continued. "It wasn’t just her line of questioning. And I wasn’t just uncomfortable; I was in shock. I felt like she blindsided me, purposely tried to provoke me. It made no sense."

In addition to speaking of Davidson and Van Patten's alleged "affair," Vanderpump asked for details about their time on set prior to Davidson's divorce, which led Davidson to take her aside later on in the episode. However, while Davidson was hoping to help Vanderpump understand why she was uncomfortable, Vanderpump defended her behavior, and the women's tension remained.

"She chose to refer to my relationship with my husband of 13 years, the father to my children, as 'the affair.' It’s a cheap shot," Davidson added. "I’d never do that to friend, and I thought that Lisa V. and I were friends."