Republican Front Runner candidates all gathered together for their first debate of 2016--their sixth to date--last night in Charleston, and their attacks on Democrats (and each other) may not have be sitting well with some of the public.

The debate--which featured Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, Governor Chris Christie, Former Governor Jeb Bush and Governor John Kasich--featured the candidates squaring off against one another, as the former alliance that appeared to have been struck between Cruz and Trump officially came to an end with Trump's "birther" comments and questions about Cruz's citizenship.

Overall, the debate was a popular topic amongst many on Twitter. However, it appears that the sparring in the group--and some of the comments made about President Obama, cops, and proposed policies if they were to be elected--seemed off-putting to many. As a result, potential voters took to the Twitter in large amounts to discuss what they genuinely thought about the candidates--and very few comments seemed to be positive.

There was naturally major resistance to frontrunner Trump, based on his prior comments about Muslims and Mexicans:

There were also a lot of reactions to the candidates' comments about immigration, as well as racism and police violence:

However, the most overwhelming sentiment seemed to come from a general belief that all of the candidates were just horrible and don't deserve the Presidency:

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