High-Tech Showerhead Let's You Know When You're Wasting Too Much Water


At this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an overly "smart" showerhead called the Hydrao was shown. It basically detects how much water you’re wasting with those long showers.

Using sensors and LED lights, when it glows green, it mean less than 10 liters of water has passed through its base. The color changes to purple when you surpass that mark, and turns orange once you’ve used 30 liters. At the 50-litre mark, it blinks red - meaning, it's time to get out of the shower!

“Tap water is precious and … the planet is suffering from our excessive use of it. And yet, despite all of us knowing this, we continue to use more and more of it,” the company’s CEO says in a video.

According to Hydrao, people consume an average of 80 litres of warm water during a shower.

The Hydrao showerhead is powered by the flow of water through it and can be synced with a smartphone to help you track your usage. Pretty smart, isn't it?

Better look out for it in the near future!

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