Jessica Simpson's family might be a very close-knit and happy one, but are there some serious issues going on behind all of their "perfect" social media posts? That's what her fans can't help but wonder as her mother Tina Simpson shared a rather disturbing photo of her and Jessica's husband Eric Johnson on her Instagram account earlier this week.

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In the pic, both Tina and Eric are sitting on a reclining chair with their legs wide open. To make things even more awkward, the former NFL star is basically resting his head on his mother-in-law's crotch.

And now fans are lashing out at Tina for apparently "embarrassing" her famous daughter with her bizarre antics.

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 Son in law

A photo posted by Tina Simpson (@tinersimpson) on Jan 18, 2016 at 4:37pm PST


One follower wrote, "I really feel sorry for your daughter, as being in the publc spot light isn't enough, you as a mother should know better as well as the husband. I mean really fun or not this is way past inappropriate, if not for you at least for your family," while another wrote, "I'm sure Jessica maybe okay with it...but I know if my Husband and mother took a pic like this; it would make me wonder...hmmm. After all the only thing he needed to do was turn his head."

Another critic wrote, "this is not how a mother in law an son inlaw should take picture with one an other you should have respect for your self an for your daughter. An the husband is as well wrong for this just like you. Smh this is wrong an its sad that you don't see nothing wrong with this."

So far, Jessica herself has not made any comments about the photo in question.

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