Jillian Michaels 2016: Madonna Helped The Trainer In Her Sexuality? [VIDEO]

The 41-year-old personal trainer dished out on her about her new home and admits how a pop icon has helped her in terms of her sexuality.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the hard-nosed drilled master reveals that there was a time she was confused with her sexuality. Until she saw Madonna’s music video "Justify My Love."

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"I was homophobic, because I obviously didn't know that I was gay," Michaels said. It wasn't until Madonna's "Justify My Love" video, which contains imagery of bisexuality and girls kissing, that she started to be more accepting of homosexuality.

"When she did that, it was like, 'OK, that's not gross or disgusting,'" Michaels said. "It kind of allowed me to figure out who I was."

Meanwhile, with all the “homophobic-sexuality” going on the Just Jillian star also reveals with ET her home life with her long-time partner, Rhodes,31, and their adopted daughter, Lukensia, and their son, Phoenix.

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"I'd been trying to adopt for, like, two years," Michaels said. "We got matched with a child and the next day Heidi came downstairs and said, 'I'm pregnant.' We ended up getting matched with Lu, and my son [Phoenix] was born. Lu got her visa and they both came home the same week for Mother's Day."

Moreover, after rumors circling that the two couple are planning to walk down the aisle, they’re not jumping at once with the decision.

"We, right now, are having an ongoing dialogue. That's what I'll say," Michaels said. "We come from very different backgrounds and to a certain extent that's what makes it work."

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