It's always intriguing to get an inside scoop on our favorite stars. We can't help it. We're just so curious about what else these big names have going on. We've recently told you about celebrities who married their fans. This time, we're letting you in on famous people who happen to be talented in other ways.

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Angelina Jolie

She is one badass mother of six, a talented actress, philanthropist and a cancer survivor. Oh, and a knife throwing specialist. The By the Sea star has a penchant for collecting knives and spends her free time playing with them. She's masterfully shown off her skills in talent shows, coining it as her means to release anger. So those scenes off Tomb Raider you got to see are most definitely all her.

Harrison Ford

Han Solo flies his Millennium Falcon like a breeze. Perhaps we can attribute it to the fact that Harrison Ford happens to be a skilled pilot. He took flight-training lessons back in the '60s but stopped when it got expensive. Now that he can afford his own jet, he enjoys being airborne to this day.

Kristen Wiig

We all know Kristen Wiig as one of the cleverest comics in the industry. She's also a very talented actress, but did you know she's one fantastic artist too? She majored in Art at the University of Arizona but later dropped out after taking an acting class as a requirement and being recognized for her talent.

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Justin Bieber

What can we say? The kid's got talent. He can sing, he can dance, he can play the guitar and ride a hover board really well. You can add solving the Rubik's cube as another one of the singer's signature talents. His one minute and 23 seconds is a far cry from the six-second world record. However, it's still darn impressive!

Geena Davis

To say Geena Davis is multitalented is an understatement. She's an award-winning actress, a beauty in the modeling world, a member of Mensa and a very skilled archer. She competed with 300 other women in the semifinals during the 1999 Olympics women's archery team, placing 24th. She was that close to joining the Olympics!

Jason Lee

Whether he's at it being the funny sidekick or a leading man, we all know Jason Lee's got some acting chops. But did you know the man's a pro skateboarder too? He was one of the biggest names on the field back in the '80s and early '90s. He even co-founded a skateboard company called Stereo Skateboards.

Jamie Lee Curtis

We all love Jamie Lee Curtis in just about every role she plays. We bet you didn't know the actress is a patented inventor! In 1987, she was granted a patent for her invention of a diaper that comes with a built-in waterproof compartment for baby wipes. However, she refused to have her idea manufactured until companies switched to biodegradable diapers. Her patent eventually expired after that.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, otherwise known as Snoop Lion, is best known for being a toking rapper and family man. He also happens to be a certified football coach who served as a head coach for his sons' youth football teams. Coach Lion does have a ring to it!