There are some people that just inspire love and admiration. Harrison Ford is one of those people. From fans to critics to his fellow actors, Ford is just... lovable (even when he's not playing Han Solo, one of the most charming rogues in cinematic history). And being in a movie with him doesn't leave you immune to his charms. John Boyega may be the lead in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one of the biggest blockbusters in history, but at heart he's still a fanboy getting to live out his dreams alongside one of his heroes. Think we're exaggerating? Here are just a few examples of John Boyega's serious (and seriously adorable) man crush on Harrison Ford.

They're Totally Besties

John Boyega stopped by Extra to chat about the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Mario Lopez, but he spent a significant amount of time gushing about the incomparable Harrison Ford. Few people can use the term 'bestie' without sounding like a sarcastic teenager, but Boyega is definitely one of them.

They Hang Out Outside Of Work

You'd think that spending literally years working on a movie with people would leave you craving some different company, but not so for the dynamic duo of Boyega and Ford. The young actor enthusiastically detailed the time he took Harrison Ford out to dinner at a Nigerian restaurant (and insisted on paying for the meal--now that's true friendship).

They're Really Best Friends

You know what you don't want to do? Doubt the awesome and profound friendship that has emerged between Harrison Ford and John Boyega. When one interviewer laughs at the statement, Boyega instantly deadpanned, 'I don't know why you're laughing, it's true.' The actor also talked about how friendly and accessible Harrison Ford proved to be; he definitely sounds like a class act and a fun guy to hang out with. It's easy to see why Boyega is so fond of him.

Imitation Really Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

There's no doubting the bonds of loyalty and friendship tying Boyega and Ford (and if you do, we're pretty sure Boyega would argue with you about them). But even hero-worship and giant man-crushes don't prevent people from poking fun at their friends -- in fact, some would say it practically demands it. In this interview, John Boyega does an uncanny, hilarious, and always affectionate impression of Harrison Ford. Even when he's just joking around, his acting chops are unmistakable.

The Sweet Scent Of Friendship

Think about your best friend. You probably know their quirks, opinions, likes and dislikes, and even a dark secret or two. But do you know how they smell? John Boyega can attest without a second's hesitation that his beloved costar carries the scent of cherries with him wherever he goes. Clearly even your closest friendship hasn't yet reached the heights of the Boyega-Ford man crush--but keep trying.

They Let Each Other Crash At Their Places

Fame can be an intense and exhausting affair, especially for one dealing with the awesome love of the Star Wars fandom. So naturally John Boyega is looking for ways out should the strain become too much. And who would he turn to besides his best friend, Harrison Ford? Ford's response is clearly joking (at least we hope--otherwise it's going to be really awkward when Boyega shows up on his doorstep with a Force Awakens sleeping bag).