Amber Rose And Kanye West Relationship: Model Goes Off About Rob Kardashian & Black Chyna, Did She Really Make Up With Kim? [VIDEO]

Amber Rose has broken her silence and shared her thoughts on her bestie Blac Chyna dating Rob Kardashian and her feud with his sisters.

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“Love them together,” she said, before getting turning up when it was said that his sisters were not happy. “How do you know? Did you talk to them? I don’t know, you gotta ask them. All I’m saying is if you don’t know for a fact then you shouldn’t report it. I love Rob.”

She added that Blac Chyna is “absolutely” good for Kardashian.

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Amber seemed to have finally squashed her beef with the Kardashian clan when she and Kim Kardashian shared selfies of another (just days after Amber’s estranged husband Wiz and Kardashian’s husband Kanye West went head-to-head on Twitter).

Now, Amber is speaking out about what she thinks when it comes to her good friend dating a Kardashian.

She stayed silent when asked if she and Kardashian squashed their issues but didn’t hesitate to show off her Windex bottle phone case. The ice was broken a little when a stranger tried to offer her a ride home. But she went back to ignoring the photographer when he tried to bring up Kardashian. She couldn’t help but laugh when asked about rumors that Kris Jenner set up the meeting for her and Kardashian to make amends.

“I love Kris,” she said.

Still, she stopped smiling when asked about Kardashian and West, who is her ex-boyfriend.

Word spread that Kardashian and Amber even hung out at Jenner’s home. This should get interesting.

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