The easy video tutorial on how to make a doughnut stuffed toy out of a sock, will only take you 10 minutes to do and it could be used as a stress toy, pincushion, air freshener or pillow. Impressively cute, right?

Now, the first tutorial is the multi functional stuffed donut toy. All you'll need to make are: 1 sock (of any color), a piece of felt (or any fabric of any color), polyester stuffing (you can take a bit from pillow or stuff a toy with other material) and beads or yarn (optional). You can put beads (as sprinkles)and the second is with white "glaze" stripes to your Donuts. You can use it as a toy, room decoration (bright spots in your interior), pin cushion, air freshener.

Next part is how to make mini donuts. For these you will need a glove, a piece of fabric and bugles, beads or anything for decoration. You can use these tiny doughnuts as pencil toppers, fridge magnets or as a brooch - up to you!
And the final part of the tutorial is about DIY hand warmers and stress toys.

Watch the full tutorial below.