Rise Nation's Lead Instructor Adam Goldstein shows cardio climbing moves that get A-listers in shape for award shows. The studio is known for its super-intense class that uses a VersaClimber (a cardio machine that simulates vertical climbing).

Rise Nation train the body to move the way it's physiologically intended. By utilizing movement progression that is innate to the human body - crawling, walking, running, and climbing. Rise Nation delivers a group training experience that culminates with and is primarily focused on CLIMBING.

VersaClimber's machine is one of the only machines you can use with athletes without screwing up their running mechanics The mechanics of it actually transfer into running, so it's great training for any sport or anything you're working on.

Celebs like Bradley Cooper, Hilary Duff, Minka Kelly, Many Moore, and Alison Brie loves the Rise Nation. You can burn 22.3 calories/minute at Rise Nation.